About ard2's webservice

We provide a webservice for ard2. That means that you can call this tool from another program by passing the visual output.
The input arguments will be the sequence of your protein, optional parameters, and the output will consist in the result file that you will be able to parse with your own webtool or service.

General procedure.

To retrieve information from the webserver without launching it from a webbrowser, type the following sequence:
http://cbdm-01.zdv.uni-mainz.de/~fournier/cgi-bin/client2.pl?<--PARAMETERS TO PASTE HERE -->

Format of parameters.

- name being the name of the sequence
- sequence the sequence in amino-acids (replace any unknown amino acid by X)

About the format of the result file.

Typically, results file will have the following format:


- The first line is the reference of your sequence (in case you passed a fasta file as sequence)
- The first number of each line is the position of the current amino acid. - X represents the symbol of the amino acid.
- The following number in [0.00, 1.00] represents the answer of the neural network.
- The two last numbers are parameters of the software that indicates the window of detection applied on this particular position.
On one single line, each of these fields are separated by comas.

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