Evidence for the interaction between P63_HUMAN and BRCA1_HUMAN



  • 21363924 (The DeltaNp63 proteins are key allies of BRCA1 in the prevention of basal-like breast cancer.; Buckley NE, Conlon SJ, Jirstrom K, Kay EW, Crawford NT, O'Grady A, Sheehan K, Mc Dade SS, Wang CW, McCance DJ, Johnston PG, Kennedy RD, Harkin DP, Mullan PB; 2011)
  • 24556685 (S100A2 is a BRCA1/p63 coregulated tumour suppressor gene with roles in the regulation of mutant p53 stability.; Buckley NE, D'Costa Z, Kaminska M, Mullan PB; 2014)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
affinity chromatography technologyMI:00040.5
imaging techniqueMI:04280.1

other species

  • None