Evidence for the interaction between TERA_HUMAN and MDM2_HUMAN



  • 23383273 (VCP phosphorylation-dependent interaction partners prevent apoptosis in Helicobacter pylori-infected gastric epithelial cells.; Yu CC, Yang JC, Chang YC, Chuang JG, Lin CW, Wu MS, Chow LP; 2013)
  • 24583282 (A systems wide mass spectrometric based linear motif screen to identify dominant in-vivo interacting proteins for the ubiquitin ligase MDM2.; Nicholson J, Scherl A, Way L, Blackburn EA, Walkinshaw MD, Ball KL, Hupp TR; 2014)
  • 24147044 (Endogenous human MDM2-C is highly expressed in human cancers and functions as a p53-independent growth activator.; Okoro DR, Arva N, Gao C, Polotskaia A, Puente C, Rosso M, Bargonetti J; 2013)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
affinity chromatography technologyMI:00040.5

other species

  • None