Evidence for the interaction between PGFRB_HUMAN and STAT1_HUMAN



  • 9484840 (Activation of Stat5 by platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is dependent on phosphorylation sites in PDGF beta-receptor juxtamembrane and kinase insert domains.; Valgeirsd├â┬│ttir S, Paukku K, Silvennoinen O, Heldin CH, Claesson-Welsh L; 1998)
  • 8549654 (PDGF receptor-to-nucleus signaling of p91 (STAT1 alpha) transcription factor in rat smooth muscle cells.; Yamamoto H, Crow M, Cheng L, Lakatta E, Kinsella J; 1996)
  • 23397142 (Analysis of protein-protein interactions in cross-talk pathways reveals CRKL protein as a novel prognostic marker in hepatocellular carcinoma.; Liu CH, Chen TC, Chau GY, Jan YH, Chen CH, Hsu CN, Lin KT, Juang YL, Lu PJ, Cheng HC, Chen MH, Chang CF, Ting YS, Kao CY, Hsiao M, Huang CY; 2013)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
in vitroMI:04920.1
in vivoMI:04930.1

other species

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