Evidence for the interaction between P63_HUMAN and EP300_HUMAN



  • 15965232 (p300 regulates p63 transcriptional activity.; MacPartlin M, Zeng S, Lee H, Stauffer D, Jin Y, Thayer M, Lu H; 2005)
  • 23589370 (IκB kinase β (IKKβ) inhibits p63 isoform γ (TAp63γ) transcriptional activity.; Liao JM, Zhang Y, Liao W, Zeng SX, Su X, Flores ER, Lu H; 2013)
  • 25911675 (FGF8, c-Abl and p300 participate in a pathway that controls stability and function of the ΔNp63α protein.; Restelli M, Molinari E, Marinari B, Conte D, Gnesutta N, Costanzo A, Merlo GR, Guerrini L; 2015)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
affinity chromatography technologyMI:00040.5
pull downMI:00960.25
in vitroMI:04920.1
enzymatic studyMI:04150.1
in vivoMI:04930.1

other species

  • None