Evidence for the interaction between LMNA_HUMAN and SYNE1_HUMAN



  • 11801724 (Myne-1, a spectrin repeat transmembrane protein of the myocyte inner nuclear membrane, interacts with lamin A/C.; Mislow JM, Kim MS, Davis DB, McNally EM; 2002)
  • 12163176 (Nesprin-1alpha self-associates and binds directly to emerin and lamin A in vitro.; Mislow JM, Holaska JM, Kim MS, Lee KK, Segura-Totten M, Wilson KL, McNally EM; 2002)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
Reconstituted Complex1
Affinity Capture-Western0.5
affinity chromatography technologyMI:00040.5
far western blottingMI:00470.5
pull downMI:00960.25
in vitroMI:04920.1
in vivoMI:04930.1

other species

  • None