Evidence for the interaction between TAU_HUMAN and SYUA_HUMAN



  • 10464279 (alpha-synuclein binds to Tau and stimulates the protein kinase A-catalyzed tau phosphorylation of serine residues 262 and 356.; Jensen PH, Hager H, Nielsen MS, Hojrup P, Gliemann J, Jakes R; 1999)
  • 21985244 (Stimulatory effect of α-synuclein on the tau-phosphorylation by GSK-3β.; Kawakami F, Suzuki M, Shimada N, Kagiya G, Ohta E, Tamura K, Maruyama H, Ichikawa T; 2011)
  • 21127069 (Parkinsonian neurotoxin 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) and alpha-synuclein mutations promote Tau protein phosphorylation at Ser262 and destabilize microtubule cytoskeleton in vitro.; Qureshi HY, Paudel HK; 2010)
  • 17408955 (alpha-Synuclein and its disease-related mutants interact differentially with the microtubule protein tau and associate with the actin cytoskeleton.; Esposito A, Dohm CP, Kermer P, Bähr M, Wouters FS; 2007)
  • 15904919 (Interaction between tau and alpha-synuclein proteins is impaired in the presence of P301L tau mutation.; Benussi L, Ghidoni R, Paterlini A, Nicosia F, Alberici AC, Signorini S, Barbiero L, Binetti G; 2005)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
Reconstituted Complex1
affinity chromatography technologyMI:00040.5
pull downMI:00960.25
in vitroMI:04920.1
imaging techniqueMI:04280.1
in vivoMI:04930.1

other species

  • None