Evidence for the interaction between PGFRB_HUMAN and PTEN_HUMAN



  • 16456542 (PTEN tumor suppressor associates with NHERF proteins to attenuate PDGF receptor signaling.; Takahashi Y, Morales FC, Kreimann EL, Georgescu MM; 2006)
  • 24012959 (Breast cancer-derived K172N, D301V mutations abolish Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 inhibition of platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling.; Cheng S, Li Y, Yang Y, Feng D, Yang L, Ma Q, Zheng S, Meng R, Wang S, Wang S, Jiang WG, He J; 2013)
  • 25241761 (Using an in situ proximity ligation assay to systematically profile endogenous protein-protein interactions in a pathway network.; Chen TC, Lin KT, Chen CH, Lee SA, Lee PY, Liu YW, Kuo YL, Wang FS, Lai JM, Huang CY; 2014)

Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
filter bindingMI:00490.5
pull downMI:00960.25
imaging techniqueMI:04280.1

other species

  • Mus musculus (Mouse) ( 1 )