Evidence for the interaction between SHH_HUMAN and PTC1_HUMAN



  • 9811851 (Characterization of two patched receptors for the vertebrate hedgehog protein family.; Carpenter D, Stone DM, Brush J, Ryan A, Armanini M, Frantz G, Rosenthal A, de Sauvage FJ; 1998)
  • 29954986 (Structural basis for the recognition of Sonic Hedgehog by human Patched1.; Gong X, Qian H, Cao P, Zhao X, Zhou Q, Lei J, Yan N; 2018)
  • 30139912 (Two Patched molecules engage distinct sites on Hedgehog yielding a signaling-competent complex.; Qi X, Schmiege P, Coutavas E, Li X; 2018)
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Experimental systems

TechniquePSI-MI codeScore
nuclear magnetic resonanceMI:00771
electron tomographyMI:04100.9
pull downMI:00960.25
in vivoMI:04930.1

other species

  • Mus musculus (Mouse)