Enrique M. Muro

I am a Senior Scientist (tenured) working at the CBDM group at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany.
My research interest focuses on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Enrique M. Muro

Contact information:
Dr. Enrique M. Muro
Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
iomE - Faculty of Biology
Biozentrum I
Hans-Dieter-Huesch-Weg 15
55128 Mainz. Germany

E-mail: ed.zniam-inu@orum (not a palindrome, please read it backwards)


Computational Biologist and Bioinformatician expert with previous experience in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience and Computational Physics. My research focuses in discovering and understanding what rules life and its products, the biological processes.
Science is full of rules that simplify the way nature works. Simplifications that, many times, stand on our incomplete knowledge of the domain and can mislead posterior research. It is not always the most efficient way to learn but, for practical reasons, is a good strategy. This has been previously approached in the concept of Falsifiability by Karl Popper. Biology, in particular, is specially prone to this problem due to its intrinsic complexity.
The state of the art is the best we have. Nevertheless, exceptions can be relevant, causal of functionality and even have implications in human diseases. Therefore, scientists supported by evidence and swimming against the tide, have big chances to make a difference if they are strong enough. In summary, there is no such unique way to develop science, but creativity, critical thinking and new perspectives lead straight to the conquest of new results, and if for any reason it is a must to ferret out where the mainstream is, trying alternative solutions that follow the parsimony principle will be my way to go.
Taking this into account, I am quite interested in discovering mechanisms, strategies and properties that lead to biological functionality, in special those that arise through evolution with consecuences for gene functionality and human diseases.


Nowadays: proteome and genome evolution, evolution, genomics, non-coding genes, pseudogenes, transcription

Still interested on: mobile DNA, systems biology, three-dimensional chromatin structure, stem cells, astrobiology, artificial intelligence, neural networks, models for the development of the central visual system.


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I have been teaching at undergraduate/master/phD level since long ago. Here, at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, I devote part of my time to teach since 2014.

What I did recently to improve my teaching at my university?:
For I long time I realized that, due to the advance of technology in biology, it was necessary to fill-in an important gap in the CV of many graduated biologists.
As soon as I had the opportunity, during the covid19-lockdown, I worked to cover that gap. The result of that efford is "Fundamentals of programming in biology with Python". Enjoy it!

Open positions

Students interested in Master's or PhD thesis are welcome to contact me