HIPPO with mouse custome

Construction of a MIPPIE subnetwork from an input query set of proteins or interactions

Query set Input a list of proteins/interactions

Example input:
dnmt3a dnmt3b
   (this may take a while)

Alternatively, choose a file to upload

Output parameters Output type   

Min. number of PPIs to query set
Score filter (optional) Insert a threshold on the MIPPIE confidence score
Or, choose predefined confidence level
Interaction type filter (optional) Association (MI:0914)
Physical association (MI:0915)
Direct interaction (MI:0407)
Colocalization (MI:0403)
Tissue filter (optional)
adrenal gland, adult
adrenal gland, juvenile
adrenal gland, neonate
aorta, adult
axillary lymph node, adult
b cell, CD19+
bone (os femoris), adult
bone (os femoris), juvenile
bone (os femoris), neonate
caecum, adult
cardiac muscle cell
cerebellum, adult
cerebellum, juvenile
cerebral cortex, adult
cerebral cortex, juvenile
colon, adult
common myeloid progenitor
corpora quadrigemina, adult
corpus striatum, adult
corpus striatum, neonate
diencephalon, adult
diencephalon, juvenile
enteric neuron derived neurosphere
epididymis and seminiferous tubule, juvenile
epididymis and seminiferous tubule, neonate
epididymis, adult
eyeball of camera-type eye, adult
eyeball of camera-type eye, neonate
granulocyte macrophage progenitor
heart, juvenile
heart, neonate
hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cell
hippocampal formation, adult
hippocampal formation, neonate
inner ear hair cell
intestinal mucosa, adult
intestine, adult
intestine, juvenile
intestine, neonate
kidney, juvenile
kidney, neonate
liver, juvenile
liver, neonate
lung, adult
lung, juvenile
lung, neonate
M cell
medulla oblongata, adult
medulla oblongata, juvenile
meningeal cell
mesenchymal stem cell
microglial cell
muscle (biceps femoris), juvenile
neuron, granule cell
olfactory brain, adult
ovary, adult
ovary, neonate
pancreas, adult
pancreas, juvenile
pancreas, neonate
parasympathetic neuron derived neurosphere
pituitary gland, adult
pituitary gland, neonate
prostate gland, adult
schwann cell
small intestine, neonate
smooth muscle cell
Sox2+ supporting cells
spinal cord, adult
spleen, adult
spleen, juvenile
spleen, neonate
stem cell
stem cell (cKit+ Sca1- lineage-)
stomach, adult
stomach, juvenile
stomach, neonate
submandibular gland, adult
sympathetic neuron derived neurosphere
T cell
T cell induced from hematopoietic progenitor cell
t cell, CD4+
t cell, CD8+
testis, adult
testis, juvenile
testis, neonate
thymus, adult
thymus, juvenile
thymus, neonate
tongue, adult
tracheal epithelial cells, differentiation to ciliated epithelial cells
trophoblast stem cell line B1 differentiation
trophoblast stem cell line R1AB differentiation
trophoblast stem cell line Rybp differentiation
urinary bladder, adult
uterus, adult
vagina, adult
vesicular gland, adult
whole body, embryo
whole organism, neonate
zone of skin, adult
zone of skin, neonate


Input of user defined filter set

Alternatively, choose a file to upload

Functional filter (optional)

GO (Gene ontology) (slim)

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

Edge directionality (optional)

For shortest path edge direction, please, indicate sources and sinks:


  Add receptors to sources

  Add transcription factors to sinks
Inhibitory or activating effect (optional)

(remove score filter above to include interactions and signaling events without experimental evidence)