Full HIPPIE datasets

HIPPIE version Release date HIPPIE tab format PSI-MI TAB 2.5 Release notes
current release (v2.3) last updated: 04/29/22 HIPPIE current TAB HIPPIE current MITAB 390,000 new interactions
2.2 02/14/19 HIPPIE v2.2 TAB HIPPIE v2.2 MITAB 66,000 new interactions
2.1 07/18/17 HIPPIE v2.1 TAB HIPPIE v2.1 MITAB 52,000 new interactions
2.0 06/24/16 HIPPIE v2.0 TAB HIPPIE v2.0 MITAB 44,000 new interactions; external database identifiers updated
1.8 09/01/15 HIPPIE v1.8 TAB HIPPIE v1.8 MITAB 45,000 new interactions
1.7 09/05/14 HIPPIE v1.7 TAB HIPPIE v1.7 MITAB 40,000 interactions added
1.6 10/11/13 HIPPIE v1.6 TAB HIPPIE v1.6 MITAB 40,000 interactions added
1.5 12/21/12 HIPPIE v1.5 TAB HIPPIE v1.5 MITAB 21,000 interactions added, identifiers updated
1.4 09/03/12 HIPPIE v1.4 TAB HIPPIE v1.4 MITAB 17,000 interactions added
1.3 11/25/11 HIPPIE v1.3 TAB HIPPIE v1.3 MITAB 20,000 interactions added
1.2 08/02/11 HIPPIE v1.2 TAB HIPPIE v1.2 MITAB Optimized scoring scheme introduced
1.1 01/24/11 HIPPIE v1.1 TAB HIPPIE v1.1 MITAB First HIPPIE release

Full HIPPIE datasets

List of scores assigned to experimental techniques (used to score the interactions in HIPPIE)


HIPPIE network construction HIPPIE network construction script (README.txt)
HIPPIE rescoring HIPPIE rescoring script (README.txt)